Assalamualaikum, every body!

Glad to announce to the whole world that I am expecting my my NUMBER 5! InshaAllah. Please make doa for me, for the baby and for my family. May this pregnancy healthy and blessed by Allah SWT.

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3 Responses to “FIVE”

  1. syazlinaiza Says:

    Yayyyyy! Congratz Kak Chikaaaa for baby no. 5 andd also for this entry after so long! Hehehe. May Allah ease everything❤️


  2. Mishawads Says:

    Tahniah chika. Semoga u kekal cergas physically & mentally sepanjang pregnancy ini sehingga melahirkan.


  3. Ha Says:

    Akhirnya.. walaupun rasanya entry kt IG lebih panjang dr entry post kt sini. hehehehe


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